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Wen Wei Po Nov. 24, 2020

Beauty of Overflowing Exhibition 2020

To commemorate its 25th anniversary Gitone sincerely presents Terence Lee’s recent painting exhibition “The Beauty of Overflowing”.

The exhibition will be held in parallel at Gitone and Lilium. Gitone exhibits the paintings in the “Guitar Garden” series created in 2018-2019. Listening to his wife practicing guitar, the artist transformed the vanishing notes one by one into strokes of colour onto the painting seemingly enjoying a stroll with her in a garden full of colours and sounds of music.

Lilium exhibits the “ Flowers in a Vase“ series of works created in 2019-2020 . Under the social movement and the pandemic, the artist was contemplating about what is eternal and what is passing away. The flowers in the vase though in a moment will fade away, they still bloom to the utmost. This inspired him to paint freely to his heart’s content without reservation. That’s how beauty is born.

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