Our Story

Gitone, established in 1995 by Hong Hong’s famed artist Terence Lee, is named to depict the integration of art and harmony in life. ‘Gi’ and ‘Tone’ are two kinds of fine wood for the making of an ancient stringed instrument, Guqin (古琴). Its artistic contour and the harmonious melody it produces have been a treasure and pleasure to life in Chinese culture since long ago.

Art comes from life and Dining brings great joy when sharing. Most paintings, ceramics and serving utensils at Gitone are the diligent works of Terence who also finds great joy in bringing Art into Dining.

The layout and decor of Gitone has gone through many changes over the years reflecting the progression of the owner’s inner mindscape.

Terence has been a firm believer that art belongs to everyone. Bringing art into everyday life elevates and refines one’s temperament.

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