Ceramic Workshop

At Gitone, we offer Ceramic Workshop to meet the needs of different groups, such as Children, Adults, Family Gatherings, Corporate Gatherings, and etc. The nature of the workshop is to invoke the creativity of participants and to enhance their focuses as well as coordination of their hands, eyes and minds in a relaxed and artistic environment. It is also a great way to build team spirit.

Participants often feel great sense of satisfaction upon completion of their ceramic works, and find enormous pride of their unexpected talents.

  A. Ceramic Workshop


1) Children aged under 12 @$500 per 1¼hours

2) Adult and Children aged over 12 @$600/1½hours

3) Minimum 2 persons, 10% off for group of 10+, 20% off for group of 20+

Inclusive of 1 kg of clay, instructor, glazing and firing of maximum 3 pcs

  B. Glazing Workshop


@$300/45 minutes

Inclusive of basic materials, instructor, glazing and firing

∗Terms and Conditions apply

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